Injury 31st August 2015

Surfing the west coast of Bali (Uluwatu) . Surf report Surf was 4 to 5 foot solid .Hard day at the office stabbed in the chest by my fin and cut need 20 internal & external stitches(Lucky no lung damage ).Could only use one hand and then left wetsuit on.Rode bike to hospital and on the way pick up money from home. Out of the water for about a week. It,s a hard life at the top . All good and in bed resting . "Lucky "have the maids to take Care of me. All the best  Hollywoodhoy Gang :)                                                                                                          



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So hardcore even your fin

So hardcore even your fin gash does a good snap.  Glad you're still breathing ok.  I'd say 'take care' but instead I'll say have more fun.