Makan Time ! 20th July 2011

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Photo Siti (Kayul ) and her second appearances on Hollywoodhoy with a hungry Hoy. Bali life, Surf , food, massage,sleep , laughter ,and strange times . There is alot of yes and the answer is no . Last week order the food and got the salad dress ,and they forgot the salad.   Order food in a cafe,  Then 20mins past and the waitress came back and said were out of that . There is a lot off rubber time in Bali . Will be there in a hour and a day late still waiting . Please do that job my way and when you leave they do it there way . Then the roof leaks and the paint has so much water mixed in it . That it dries funny and patchy . But that is what makes Indonesia. The difference between western world and Asian world .