Mentor of Karate and Buddhism teacher 8th-july-2011

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Shinbukan Karate Grandmaster Saito


Oke Saito started his martial arts training in 1953 at 8 years of age. After dedicating a great portion of his life to training in the martial arts he has attained the following ranks

§  16th Soke of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu (inherited from Heishichiro Okuse)

§  Soke of Saito Ha Goju Ryu Karate Do (ichidaime soshisha - founder)

§  7th Dan in Shinto Ryu Iai Batto Jutsu

§  6th Dan in Isshin Ryu Aiki Ju Jutsu

§  8th Dan Hanshi in Tameshigiri Iaido

§  8th Dan Hanshi in Sports Chanbara

Some of the masters that Saito Sensei has studied with are:

§  Seiko Fujita (14th Soke-Koga Ryu Ninjustu)

§  Heishichiro Okuse (15th Soke-Iga Ryu Ninjutsu)

§  Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju Kai)

§  Shuji Tasaki (Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai)

§  Gonnohye Yamamoto (Goju Ryu IKO)

§  Akio Takahashi (Goju Ryu Kenwa Kai)

§  Takeshi Mochizuki (Shinto Ryu Iai Batto Jutsu and Isshin Ryu Aiki Ju Jutsu)

§  Tetsundo Tanabe (Tameshigiri Iaido and Goshindo)

Saito Sensei has also given a large amount of time to the study of various schools of Japanese Buddhism and currently holds the following position:

Ajari (abbott) of Koyasan Shingo Shu

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Sōke (宗家?), a Japanese title meaning "head of the family," and is usually used to denote the headmaster of a school of Japanese martial arts.