whats this...blasfemie?

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Who is your Homeboy ?

Prasie lord and past the weapons . Many wars were start by a homeboy ! White ones, black ones, yellow ones,and all the colours in between . Happy 4th of July homeboys . A true homeboy start with respect for himself and then others . 

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the american way

participating in capitalism by claiming to be victimized by it! classic!!! as marketing strategy, sympathy has always been weak. americans prefer a rags to riches story................ (which by the by IS the teenage millionaire story) who just abandons a great cause because something gets stolen? hey but their facebook fan page has 33 followers. best of luck to them.

rather than criticize american entrepreneurialism they should be grateful that a once dead, fringe, grassroots movement was immortalized by the great hoy.... who is my homeboy!

happy independence day america!


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f-ing idiot