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....there are currently 180 million Muslims living in Indonesia......the majority live in Java, where my recent adventure took me.....I've met so many Muslims, like anything else there are a wide range of people and personalities......even the ones that are strict, are alright.....my preconceived idea was that they were all bomb chucking fanatics......so not the case......I think the head-wear the women use, the jilbab(pronounced jill-bob) is interesting.....in some of the schools all the girls wear them, in the villages some of the girls wear them.......the gas station attendants wear them, the public workers do as well.....pictured here on the motor-bike are a couple of students wearing their jilbabs........ 

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Terror wrists

You can just hear Alkaida Jihadists saying " he was not a legitimate terrorist he was psychotic" as if they are not!!! Horrible religion! if most of them looked into their family tree they would find that somewhere in it they had the choice of being beheaded or becoming a muslim, not a conversion out of love and devotion at all. Then it just becomes a tradition passed down and held in place by the fear of going to hell, once again not a love out freedom or devotion. All such religions are horrid but this muslim thing is the godhead of horror and not love.