The Bukit Boys ! Don,t Play well with others ! 29th October 2010

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If you wack someone and that person is just taking up space on this earth, it was probably well worth it.No matter how much money . The island of Bali is all about the money . If your right or wrong . they don,t care . its two white guys and that means money money money .
   What a week for the bukit boys and look forward to the swell meeting on Saturday . Chris was on the run for three days and a night in the box . For nothing and try to make a bottom feeder understand right from wrong . The world is full of self-center people and I guess thats life . The bukit boys are always respectful to people who show respect for them self and others. Bali is full of locals and tourists who are walking egos with big mouths . Trouble makers and start fights and them run to the police. Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs .  I hate this time of year no swell and winds changing every hour . Its cross over season and next month we will be back to wet season. Nusa Dua and the east coast of Bali .