Mount Agung 27th November 2017

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Hi Hollywoodhoy gang: Its all going on in Bali now. The volcano is going off  and the ash is heading towards the bukit boys. The maids will be busy cleaning and worried about ash in my pool. Ha Ha Ha . On the surf seem it has only been around 3 to 5 foot and ok. We had one solid swell of 6 to 8 foot at Nusa Dua Bali and got a few good ones on my 8'6" DHD. Been still training at the dojo on Monday and Fridays . The Judo /Jujitsu class have been fun and enjoy the world of martial arts. P.S. The weather has warmed up and out of my wetsuit and into my new made for men suit. Also a lot of storms and rain over the past months. Bali life is still ten fold better then the real word. :) Take care guys and gals :)