Hard Month 29th of October 2017

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Photo: Rip Curl Surf Grommet Coaching Day Bali 2017:With Robbie Sherwell who is a good old friend from Bondi beach, got to spend the day with him after more then a decade: Been hard month with a injury to young Clint Stripling in the dojo. I throw Clint and he injuryed his knee and his parent are unhappy"Understandable": It was a total accident and nobody is more upset them myself. Clint and my Daughter grow up together,I think the world of both of them. Photo: Bigjim AJ Clint at the Bali Dojo :) 

"Anyway" Been a slow month of surf  of 3 to 5 foot swells and with no big swell . Change over season is a time of one week west coast and then one week east coast, Confusing and love full on dry or wet season. Bali only has two season dry or wet and now it wet season . The rain has start and the wind will be full on south west in the next few weeks . Take care Hollywoodhoy gang and all the best will post again next month :)