The Bali volcano 25th of September 2017

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Photo: 2017 west Java seminar :) Bigjim enjoying the moment in time: RespectI try to blog onces a month and what a month. All the boys are back in town Chris Hoy, Hiro, John R, Glen A,Greg.M and the list goes on. It,s a month of frothers and screamers and all in the name of fun. The waves have been hot and cold and the swells has continued to be wobble. This makes for no really good sessions, but a month of good waves. Shifty peaks and hard to line up and if you get one, it is heaven or hell or the ride of your life or a down right beating. Just the way The Bukit Boys 1% like it ;) The Bali volcano looks like it could erupt soon after more then 50years. The wild life has start evacuating the area long with the human life. I will keep Hollywoodhoy reads imformed ;) Us guys have great life: If I think of anymore to say. I will continue on this blog . All the best guys and gals :) Photo Qiana the maids daughter and bigjim around the pool in Puri Gading Bali :