"April fools Day " 2nd April 2017

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Hi Guys and Gals : The 1st of April is April fools day in Australia and you can tell little white lies :) ... Back in Bali and after a month in Australia. Surfing the east coast of Bali every day. It,s wet season time of the year and that is coming to a end in a few weeks.My life is running smooth with jodo/Jujitsu training and lots of relaxing :). I had a 12 week liver treat a few months ago and failed. I just start a brand new 24 week treatment and test after 4 weeks showing good results. Im now 57 days into a 168 days of liver treatment and all going well. Im totally enjoying Bali and not ready to go back to the real world.  No money worry (No super rich just comfortable) and feeling health in all areas of my life. I know worrying is a waste of time and 99% of think I worry about never happen. But us Bukit Boys 1%ers have a great life. To all the Hollywoodhoy gang take care. Remember to live your dreams. :)  Photo 2017 Harvoni tablet :) Toxic :)