The first time 8th of February/March 2017

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This is the first time I have ever missed a month of no post: "Big Sorry to Hollywoodhoy" The whole of February was in Australia and dealing with health problems and good old mum in the nursing home . Moving out of the family home of 60 years and dealing with a ungreatful sister which was disappointing. Like the old say "You can pick your friends but not your  family" that is ok as long as my actions are in order and above board. Anyway it worked out well and had great visit with my mum. We talk openly and honestly, I felt connected with mum and she walk me to the door of the nursing home and gave me a mum hug and kiss. Super nice. It was a long month in Oz and totally not ready to return to the real world of Australia. In Australia I had three surf in a month . Got to Bali on the third of March and had six surfers in a week and walking around with a smile from ear to ear . Bali is a great place to hang around and grow old ;) Photo Mum and Bigjim :)