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it's a new month in 2010 the 3rd month........2 months gone already........I go on and on in my head, and sometimes in words on a computer about what is on my mind, why I do not I spent time with a girl I used to work a lot with in the "picture business" as my dad would call it......anyhow she is a foster backtrack a bit in 2005 she paid the Chinese government $1,000.00 to be put on a list to adopt a baby, she is still on that she has a baby who's mom can't be found(as she is a prostitute in Los Angeles, and the State of California does not talk to her while she is in Jail, but they wait till she is released to the streets to go see her at whatever address she leaves on the paperwork upon release) so needless to say it's a catch 22 to get permission to have her baby adopted that she hasn't seen in over a the latest court proceedings the judge asked the state to keep "looking" for the my friend waits, wades through the jungle of red tape and bullshit to help a ward of the state become the saying good deed goes unpunished...........America is a many willing parents, too much red tape.......typical