Happy Birthday 10th of May 2016

Today is my birthday 58 years old . A time to look back over my life.I start this journey with so many and during that time so many have disappear,left behind trapped in self made prisons of life. "Hundreds of friends"on all diffrent levels have died over the years.Some who have play a mayor role in my life, to the others who have given me a friendly smiled or just a hand shake or a hug."I would like to thank those people for this great life you have given me and the abilty to live in the moment,to be a person of worth. "What" I have taken from all this is to live my life to the fullest,with a thing called principles. Thanks guys and gals. I stay home alll day and enjoyed the wonderful birthday wish on facebook . Now wishing all the Hollywoodhoy followers and friends all the best. Remember turn your bucklist into reality like the bukit boys 1% :)