Off The Rock "Nepyi" 9th of March 2016

Hiro and Hata have left the rock”Bali” for the prawn boats of Japan ,Aike will leave in a few more days on the 12th of March 2016 for Japan .They spent last 2 months  surfing the east coast Bali. Like the have done for the past 10 year . Hiro will return in July  and stay for 4 months to surf the west coast of Bali .  I really like surfing and being around these 3 Japs as they are respectful and willing to have ago on the big days .Safe trip home boys and take care . Photo:West coast of Bali with Bigjim on a wave and Hiro looking down the line . "Happy Nepyi" Hollywoodhoy gang . Writing this why,ll in total lock down on the Day of silents in Bali . Bali,s Happy new year :) 2016