Australia 20th Novmeber 2015

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 My cancel flight in Jakarta become uncancel and was the second fight back into Bali. Then back home in Bali for 3days.Then of to Australia and spent some time with my Mum, who had just run away from a nursing home (Has mad cow disease) all is good and hope she lives her life out in the family home. When to a Sydney Area convention and was a great night with old friend .Also when to  Bondi Single Fin Contest. It was a great day with the Bondi boys and Girls. Lots of fun and laughs . Ant Corrigan ,Cheyne Horan,Adrian Esposito..The day was for Brett "Doogza" Davis who was a good surfer and a good old Bondi guy who just past away.He  would of been proud of the boys and girls with his single fin farewell RIP. Also Left Bali for Sydney :Then ended up at a wedding in Camden out on a farm in the west of Sydney. With my good mate Jeffrey Roberts.His Daughter(Mel) was getting married to a Balinese name Putu (What a great night of laughs):The place was full of "Wallet Minders" Just joking,We wish Mel and Putu all the best.Photo of me in the family backyard in Sydney 40C day and that is super hot. I removed 5 trees and mow the lawn .Totally clean up the over grown backyard . Need to clean the inside next then back home to Bali on the 1st of Decmeber 2015 :) Doing it a little hard in Sydney away from the ocean and waves :)