Two down for 2015 26th April 2015

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Two trips off the rock (Bali) …….One to the Philippines (Angeles City) when there 30 years ago and return for a second look …The place was a one horse town in 1987 and now it,s a small city…. It,s a party town for single guys and a place for old expats guys to live. Mostly from the USA and old war guys …… Angeles City was a US war base (Clark Arm Base) for 99 years and close down few years ago…..My second trip was to G-land Java to Joyo,s surf camp. The waves were flat for two days….. the other 4 days it was small around 3 to 4 foot and weak swell . I was there with John and Greg and stay in a shoe box cabin and the days were long (One day felt like a week in the jungle of Java) with bad food most of the time and nothing to do but sit and wait for swell ….. That never came and we had devil wind "from the west" . The only time to go to G-Land is peak season with full on trade winds (South east)and full moon or new noon . Photo:Small G-Land 2015