----CULTURE CLASH....YES??? OR NO???---- Friday July 9th 2010

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....This picture kinda sums up Bali....it was taken at Kendungu Beach......during a 3 month ceremony(it is a ceremony for the child that is 3 months old. The child does not touch the ground for the first 3 months of their life) on the beach that the hindus are preforming......a surfer walks from the ocean to the shower after his morning surf.....the Hindus came to Bali from Java in the 15th century......they are now the Balinese.....I am learning so much about the Balinese Hindu religion.....it's so interesting.....they prepared for 2 weeks for this particular ceremony, many people participated from making the offerings to partaking in the actual ceremony.....it takes a village as the saying goes......the surf culture has been growing since the 70's when the Australians came over.......The ancient traditions of the Balinese Hindu's and the surfers life style mesh quite nicely here.....now there are balinese and indonesian surfers who surf really good.....I like the Hindu practice here in Bali, as anyone can join in at ceremony regardless of their race, religion, or lack of religion......

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is this a culture clash...?

Don't know about the culture clash...

What I do know is that I'd love a piece of that babi guiling at the feet of the Balinese guy. Wonder if Pete tipped him into the place in Ubud?