WTF Joel,Hiro,Bigjim and Killer Whales , 27th September 2014

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Photo: Killer whale gave the Bukit Boys 1% and all the surfers at Uluwatu Bali a visit today. (So So So Cool)  The day start at first light with big 8 foot plus swell running . Hiro paddle out on his 8’4” Luke Studer and got 2 nice waves at the peak ,Joel was under gun on his Outer Island and got 2 waves of the bommie . Uluwatu Bali .I Paddle to the peak. I sat at the peak and watch the 8 foot plus set.I try to paddle into then and to much water . Ok will get a small one and warm the legs about 6 foot plus and a 12 foot plus face . Move across to between the bommie and the peak and the big 8 foot sets come, there is about 7 to 5 waves in a set . I let the first one go and watch how it breaks . Then paddle into and across to pick up the second one. It pick me up and drives me forward on my 8'6" Outer Island and I drop into it , Then it jack up three times over head . I stay high and run all the way to the group sitting wide of the corner. Few guy gave me the thumbs up . One of my best waves all year (Maybe one of my biggest waves) . Paddle out to take on the bommie and the sets come , they are big slabs coming at me live. I try to paddle hard over the first one and it sucks me back over the falls and the rest is history . Coffee time , heeee