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Graduated, now what? Me and Petey at my graduation ceremony, Saturday, June 12. His would have been the following day but he skipped out and now regrets it. That was fun day, my family and some friends and my Petey. His parents couldn't come.. Mama C had to go to Sarah's pinning ceremony and his dad, Old Man River was running a 50miler up in Big Bear. We're off to Tahoe tomorrow for papa C's big 100mi race. Hope you two are having fun. Petey keeps asking if I'll move to Bali with him, hehe, one thing at a time.. just bought my ticket to Oz.. leaving Sept 7th. Peace and love.

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pete's impending visit to the cultural centre of australia...

well pete, its almost time for the sentence to begin- townsville, the cultural centre of the southern hemisphere...

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Dear Dr. John, Headed to

Dear Dr. John,

Headed to gods country soon. I will not forget to drop that gas card of to your abo son.

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my gas card...

pete, my son is waiting for his gas card- come on mate look him up!

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lots of asians in this photo.....is it san diego or china?