Old Boy Surfers 18th February 2014

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Photo shoot from Padang Padang Bali 2013 of  the 1% Bukit Boy after a Three hour of surfing at Secrets Uluwatu Bali . For a book of old surfer from around the world .To much sun and to much water time and loving life . We have a great life on the island of Bali and removed from the hassle of the outside world . Bad things happen and good things happen . But most of the time we laugh a lot and surf a lot . Smell the roses and live in the moment of life . Why ? Because it,s a great place to be, in the present and not living in your head . The Bukit Boys 1% have a great life . The eyes are the window to the sole and I can look any man ,woman ,or beast in the eyes . I also read a great thing to day about my part in surfing . The Question was ,"What have you given back to surfing ?For me in 29 years of surfing it,s been a one way street of selfcentreness of take and give me . It is time for the 1% to change that . Maybe not mow or tomorrow , but it will happen . take care Guys and Gals .