Bali Sun Rise 11th Decmeber 2013

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Hi Hollywoodhoy Gang . Great way to start the day 11/12/13 with a sun rise from hell. After that it was all down hill and shame on you world and Bali . The paddle out on this day at Nusa Dua Bali was a rubbish tip and so so bad . Every wave was full of rubbish and million of jellyfish . The rip was strong and full of rubbish and jellyfish for two hours and it made me disappointed with Indonesa and the whole world. Do not worry about spying or money wasting world meeting . It,s time to start control population and human rubbish."I hope not " That the answer is a third world war and to destroy a big part of the human race . Then start all over again with insight . There is to many people in the world and we are growing to fast . Human race is choking it,s self. The truth is this world is living on a band aid measure and will end . On a positve note and the last hour was clean water and great 3 foot .