It,s All Going On 22st September 2013

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Hi Guys . It,s all been going on ! The place the Bukit Boys 1% love turn 6 years this month . Which gave us everything in our life and the reason we are i% and have a great life full of waves . Why our work place is the ocean and a wonderful great life and get to see, great sun rises and sunsets . The swell has been up and down , from 4 foot to 8 foot over the last 2 weeks, with south winds . Joel new board was broken at Balangan Bali,  on a soild 6 footer and the next day my board was broken at secrets Uluwatu on the inside slab . Now it,s time to put my hand in my pocket and buy some new boards . I also have been getting work done on the houses in Bali . As my daughter gets old and more demanding and she is now 11 year old . With a attitude of being always right. But love that little girl with her good and bad . Take care Hollywoodhoy gang .