Fun surf Uluwatu Bali 26th July 2013

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Uluwatu secrets was so so so much fun today 5 foot and only 4 guys out for over 2 hours . Hero, Paul , Joel , and myself and had so many waves and the inside slab was working . In the last 2 days have surf 7 hours and off to bed for a rest . This is what money can not buy . It,s all up to mother nature and the bigger picture. I,m hanging in there for the long haul and so much on offer for the risk takers . The bukit boys 1% are so luck , that we have the world at our feet and no looking back . Have a great day Hollywoodhoy gang . Old Photo of outside cnr Uluwatu .

yorik's picture

goat boater

great drop on your surf board looked like a goat boater, best fun i have had up there this season.