Alone 30th April 2013

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Im only a Surfing novice . But a good water person .I have been surfing this area for many years . Is it to much to ask, to leave one place in Bali, for us older guys. That who surf for the love of the waves and the freedom of the ocean. Bali is full of dickheads and them cool guys( look at me guys) ! The local and the euro push us out of race tack and we moved to temples . We now have been push out of temples by the euro,s and the hot ex pat surfer ( Sum are cool guys ). Also a mix of other surfer are adding to the nightmare at temples. Now we have moved and now are surfing the tip of the west coast of Bali called Secrets . Now the surf schools and dickheads are trying to push us out of there . We hardly go any were else. We surf it on the big day and on the small days. On the small days they come and paddle inside and turn the place into a contest. The surf school come and there is about 25 schools in Bali. They say Uluwatu is for the world , But the world is full, of a lot of assholes .The past few mornings I,ve been surfing the top of Uluwatu alone ( Because their was a soild swell) . Wondering were the rest of the world was . The ones who run to the police or locals . Like a baby running to mummy. Maybe at at Balangan or Impossible with all the surf school and Euros . Who are trying to push us out . Still loving life . This place still has the best consistent waves in the world

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If you can handle the bigger days - you either get it uncrowded or with others on the same page. Stay fit and reap the harvest...