My first Phone 22nd April 2013

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My first phone was call the brick or the tradesman hammer . Could not fit in your pocket and cost 3000 us dollars . Times are a changing . Its been a fun week. Most of the local at Uluwatu  are not talking to me anymore and time to move on after 30 years in the same warong (Shop) .Over the  years we have had many falling outs and have stayed loyal. But now its all over baby blue. I like when the world is not talking to me , it makes life simple and less is best. Please hate me , But never love me . So thank u all u Uluwatu Balinese and now u can fuck off . In a nice way . Like the old saying about the red indians , The only good indian / Balinese is a died one . There losing there island anyway , to all the other Indonesain islands. Do not get me wrong , I still love the great waves of Bali . Have no time for idoits or gold diggers . Who will sell there respect and sole for a dollar . Life is good right now . We love the moment .

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Looks like somewhere on the Northern beaches...