Welcome to Bali ! Lion Air 14th April 2013

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Hi Guys ….. Will a week of strong waves and full moon big tides . Three big beating and only a few good waves . Was off my game for the past few weeks because of flu and very tired from alot of surfing . Also tired from Judo training and fatherhood duties . Photo Lion Air letting, off surf school students  from Padang Padang surf school and Rapture surf camp . Both school are fucked "Safety warning " They take beginners to spot on small days were they do not belong and put there life at risk . I have had many surf school ex students asking, how do I get in or can u help me , Im scared to death. Now that puts to person in harms way .  Again for the money ….. They need to teach more then just surf lesson . Water safety and how to surf with other surfers . Also sum manners would be nice.  Bali as a whole needs to show respect to older surfer and people . In the water and out . Life is good .... Less or no contact with other is a great idea . Just a few friends .