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 October 11  ....click play above for the song of the day... to go along with the Feral Chic title I thought "Jungle Man" would be the appropriate song.....


...they call the surfers who stay on land, in the villages, here in the Mentawai's or really any other of the islands FERALS....usually they sleep in tents(even if they rent a room, they will still sleep in their tents, on the beds in their rooms....this keeps the mosquitos, creepy crawlers, and any other undesirable insect, reptile, or spider, some what at bay....now ferals eat whatever they can, they live on rice, noodles, coconuts, whatever they can hustle, find, borrow, buy, steal...you get the idea.....so FERAL CHIC is something I just made up, well, it just came to me actually.....it describes what I am doing......I am on land, sleeping in a tent on the floor of my 1 room shed with no electricity, where the jungle meets the swamp(then the swamp meets the beach)....there is no running water, no toilet,...no electricity....I am down a little jungle trail(that I would not attempt at night without a light, as the jungle is alive).....the difference between me and the other ferals, is where my shed is located.....on the Kingfisher Resort.....so once I leave my shed, first of all, there is a perfect left reef out front, the "restaurant" where we spend our days and nights and is the coolest shed I have ever seen.....it's made from all local materials, lots of drift wood, dragged here from the beaches, islands, rivers etc.....the benches, bar, shelves, bathroom counter all cut from the same tree that has been on the beach for 20 years.....the locals cut it down for some unknown reason....so it was rotten on the outside.....they welded 2 chainsaw bars together(so it could get all the way through the tree.....once the cut around the rotten bits they hit gold, well actually wood, good wood....the pieces they cut are like 5-8 inches thick(and 20'+ long)it's unreal...there are little tables everywhere....on porches, in some nooks....all are so cool....the posts holding up the structure have carvings on them....cool, traditional stuff....the thing about the carvings is that they are part of the original wood, not stuck on, but carved first, cut down, and put in place.....as far as a "jungle surf camp" there is no place quite like it on the planet.....everyone I know who has been to G-Land, would freak out if they came and chilled here....it's like g-land on steroids.....although the left is not as good here at lances the right is world class.....Jamie O'Brian comes here every year.....and speaking of Jamie today's photo is of Jamie on the aforementioned right HT's......there is one of his boards above the bar......on it Jamie wrote in black marker "Kingfisher the best camp on earth" on the deck of that board.....that kinda tells you something.....below is a couple shots of my shed........it's the feral bit, the shed is great, but very open to creatures, creepy crawlers, with bats in the rafters, surrounded by swamp in front and jungle all around.......

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sounds amazing.  I'd love to

sounds amazing.  I'd love to one day explore all the hidden surf spots...one day.

enjoy.  living the dream : )