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......11 years ago today, my friend Gloria Scott died.....she was a friend from june 1984 until her passing.....she lost a battle with cancer......she was like a cool older sister, I never had, with a sprinkle of motherdom......she sponsored us, she always had time to talk, we shared holidays......we talked on the phone.....she would share by saying my name is Gloria and I am a junkie.......she got arrested, and then clean in her 50's.......I stole this photo of her off facebook.....I could go on and on how much love I had for Gloria.....I think about her during meditation, when I am on my motorcycle, driving to the beach in the mornings, and out in the ocean alone.....I introduced her to my friend Anthony who ended up writing a song about her called "Venice Queen" he sums it up best as he is a lyricist.....his lyrics to Venice Queen are below.......

Does it go from east to west
Body free and a body less
Come again just to start a fresh
Once again to find a home
In the moment of the meantime

Dropping in coming through the mesh
Checking in just to get it blessed
Hard to leave when it's picturesque
Find a form that's free the roam
Where you coming from
Where you going

Do it all then it all again
Make it up and you make a friend
Paddle on just around the bend
Find a place where you can see
All the mamas and the papas

Take a chance on a recommend
Hard as hell just to comprehend
Disbelief that I do suspend
Easy now to find a breeze
Where you come from
Where you going

We all want to tell her
Tell her that we love her
Venice gets a queen
Best i've ever seen
We all want to kiss her
Tell her that we miss her
Venice gets a queen
Best i've ever

I know you said you don't believe
In god do you still disagree
Now that it's time for you to leave
Is love my friend

Your stylish mess of silver hair
A woman of your kind is rare
Your uniform returns to air
Is love my friend

And now it's time for you to go
You taught me most of what I know
Where would I be without you Glo
Is love my friendI see you standing by the sea
The waves you made will always be
A kiss goodbye before you leave
Is love my friend

.....she would have loved Cade.....he is my friend who just died at 36, from drugs.......she loved the hopeless ones........below is a shot from Cade's cremation ceremony.........