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.....well my plan today was to get up earlier then usual, and that dam alarm sounded at 3:45am......got up, coffee, oatmeal, some facebook, emails, and a hollywoodhoy posting......got to Ulu's at dark, by the time I changed and walked out on the reef with my 7'8", it was light enough to see, I timed the sets for an easy paddle out to the Outside corner.....now I knew it would be big today, but I was not sure how big, so you'll be the judge as today's picture will be from this mornings session......needless to say I was first in the water.....my first wave I was too deep, pulled up to see if the next section would open up and let me in, but no such luck, so I straighten out and try to race the lip to the bottom of the wave, I won, but it crashed right behind me and in the explosion of white-water I went flying, bounced once and hit the washing machine for the rinse and spin cycle.......got another 2 or 3 on the head before getting back out....to make a long story short that was the only time I got caught, I almost got whacked by a solid 8'+ set, made a couple air drops(I do not know how) and ended up getting 12 waves in a 4 hour surf.....I went in for some food, and a quick relax before grabbing my 9'6" and heading back to Uluwatu for some afternoon fun.......and fun it was......I went out to the Outside Corner, and got a couple of the outside sets, all the boys were out, so I gave it a rest and went to the Outside Peak, to try and get some of the more "serious" waves, and of course no one was up there......I couldn't line one up so I headed out to the Bommey for some really serious waves......Jay and Johnny paddled out at Secrets to get to the bommey, so I was not alone.....Johnny was on a 6'4" and couldn't paddle on a few sets I saw him try to get in(on a 6'4") and got he got caught by an 8'- 10' set......bye Johnny....we didn't see him for 45 minutes......I tried to get a couple, one I could have got I was late, and I pulled back(should have went it because as i turned around Jay was paddling for the horizon......well we both got caught, he was 20 yards in front of me and pitched his board and went deep, I followed suit swimming for the bottom.......I got the heaviest beating, it scared the f@%& out of me, and as I finally surfaced the next one was breaking, another one bigger then the last...Jay got through and I got whacked again......later Jay called it 12' hawaiian(no wonder I was so spooked)......I got back out and was a bit apprehensive......we tried to line some up but it was tricky, as the inside ones looked good, but the thought of getting another set on the head like the last one was a situation we did not want to happen again, at least I sure didn't........sitting was making my crazy so i paddled deep, tried to line up a set, then some insiders, finally got one of the insiders, I  set my line, rode it for a bit and it shut down........I went straight for awhile to lessen the blow, and that started a 20 minute paddle of being stuck inside, and by the time I got around I was at the outside corner again........so I sat deep and picked off a set(probably 8')...after a few turns I see Alik paddling for the wave I was on, I passed him yelling go Alik and I kicked off to let my favorite local surfer go it alone(I found out later it was his first wave and he was stoked), I did the same with Big Jim during the morning session, I told him to go if I was on any he could catch, and once he did, and got up on the wave, I kicked out so he could go it alone......once I paddled back to the top, I left for the Outside Peak again(as I know the boys probably hate me and my 9'6", as I sit 30 meters outside them and 20 meters deeper) to surf alone.....I watched jay get a good one, what I didn't know at the time it was a great one, as I missed the drop and first 1/2 of the wave as I couldn't see because of the swells, and waves between the Outside Corner and the Bommey.....the begining of Jay's wave found him locked into a barrel(he thought it would shut down) that stayed open for him and let him and his 8'3" out......I finally lined one up at the Outside Peak, and I paddled into a bomb(when I got to shore later, a few people complimented me on that wave, they said it was 10' solid).......as I kicked out, and scratched a bit I was at the Outside Corner, again and no one was around.....it was getting dark, and the last set must have been good because everyone was gone....5 minutes later another 8'er rolled through, I rode it all the way in, laid down and headed for the big rock.......a great day of surfing.......went to Kats for dinner, came home and wrote this, now it's bed time as I am on it at first light again with my 7'4", this time......today's foto comes from the boys at DSP Photo........they hook me up and I am grateful.......this is my 2nd air drop of the morning and since I pulled it, I made it my last wave, the 12th of the morning......how big would you call it???

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Solid 4 foot mate,

Solid 4 foot mate, solid..!